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Nepal earthquake fund

Nepal earthquake fund Nepal recently been through series of earthquake aftersocks after the major earthquake of magnitude 7.9 rector on 04/25/2015. The aftermath is unbelievable as the massive losses of human life and casualties rises and many people are being deprived of accomodations. So far the losses of lives have reached upto 6000 and it might get even high of upto 10000. People are forced to lived of the sky overhead as proper tents could not also be delivered to them. The fear of loss of lives at the open sky, hassles in rescue operations, the scarcity of food and many other insecurities have led to indefinite chaos in the nation. In such condition, glow nepal has started to gather funds to be sent to the very needy people in Nepal. Today, we gathered together in Merrimack College in N Andover, Massachussettes to do such charity and will be doing many similar projects in the nearest future. Meanwhile in Nepal, we have donated to the rescue team members and the effected people in the district of Sindhupalchok. We hope to extend the human service. Thank you so much to many who took time to fund for our charity program. God bless people of Nepal.


Glow Nepal

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  • Archana Bhaila

    I am really happy to see the work of Glow Nepal.

  • Binesh Shakya

    I feel that Glow Nepal is doing a great job for the social development.


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