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Despite politics, people are really dying under the open sky and the cold weather is not helping much either. The ongoing tremors, economic blockade, black market has made lives miserable already and for those who lost their homes, we can not even imagine how they are coping with their lives. The news of small children living under such miserable condition touches the heart of everyone. We know, we would not be able to help them all but small things we could do is donate whatever we could to ease some pain. 
Thank you everyone for helping people through Glow Nepal in the past and yet we are bound to support to those in need. Hope everything goes well with everyone and please donate whatever you could to the link below.

Please donate.


Glow Nepal

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  • Archana Bhaila

    I am really happy to see the work of Glow Nepal.

  • Binesh Shakya

    I feel that Glow Nepal is doing a great job for the social development.


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